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Mr. Carlos

Here is the information you requested.


The first link I share is to my personal blog.

It doesn't have much content, as I often times have trouble deciding on what to write about.


This is my web design and development business.

"Web Development and Design services for local business owners in El Paso Texas"

Still far from being 100% complete - as there is always more to do!


I own several domains for 915website.

This one will host a software product called Directus.

Directus will allow me to grant access to my clients to Log In to their websites and create/edit/delete new content, upload photos, etc.

This is one of the features of the Web App Package, mentioned on my Pricing page at

That Package is meant for clients who expect to have hundreds or thousands of pages, content, products, etc.

Directus image 1 Directus image 2

4. Lastly is

The purpose of that website is display a gallery, or a showcase of all the websites and web apps I build.

As you browse through my business website, I'd like for you to click the little SUN icon in the top right corner of the screen - as it completely changes the look & feel of the website.

I have tons of resources and access to over 1,500 fonts and 100,000 icons for use in all my projects.

Any combination of colors, gradients, background, imagery/photography, icons and fonts are at my disposal.

If you browsed with your phone in a vertical position, try turning it sideways - and then check it out on a laptop or desktop computer. I specialize in Responsive Web Design. I rearrange all content to best fit all devices from smartphone, to tablets, to wider screen monitors.

Another thing that I am quite good at is Optimization. All assets are compressed and minified for the fastest delivery to users. I explain lots more in the Services page of my website.

JJA logo JA logo

I also do a fair bit of Graphic Design, ever since I was in high school.

This one is for a computer repair shop located in Central. The top is their old logo and mine is below.


I am a "Jack of all trades, yet master of none." I have an extensive amount of knowledge in many different areas all related to web design, graphic design, and web development as a whole.

I hate to admit that this simple page took me about 30 minutes to create for you.

Most of that time was spent searching for the above images 🤣

Enjoy your weekend Mr. Carlos and feel free to contact me any time.